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Villaraigosa To Solve L.A.'s Public Transportation Problem With Bus Line To San Francisco

April 27, 2012

DOWNTOWN—After returning from his first visit to San Francisco yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was eager to hold a press conference to inform L.A. residents about the "amazing rapid transit system" he discovered in the Bay Area.

"You guys have to check it out!" exclaimed Villaraigosa, who appeared before the press wearing, uncharacteristically, jeans and a hoodie. "You wouldn't believe how easy it was to get around town.”

Antonio Villaraigosa Transportation Mayor

Villaraigosa shows press the discovery he made in San Francisco.

Excited, Villaraigosa showed his vacation slides, which included pictures of himself strolling along Fisherman's Wharf, shopping at the Union Square, and eating a hot dog during a Giants game.

"It only took about twenty minutes tops to get to each destination," he added. "All this time I thought other major cities were spread out like L.A."

As a result of his epiphany, Villaraigosa, will no longer attempt to create a mass transit system in Los Angeles. Instead, he is opting to reroute the L.A.'s Metro Bus Line directly to the BART Station on Market St. in Downtown San Francisco, west of the Embarcadero.

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," he told reporters.

New Los Angeles Public Transportation System

New Los Angeles public transportation system

The new bus line will pick up passengers at the Metro Station in North Hollywood, then make several additional stops before heading on the 5 North, to San Francisco. The bus trip will take approximately 10 hours, depending on traffic.

"Why build a new transit system in L.A. when there's a perfectly good one up north?" said Villraigosa. "We need to learn to conserve what we already have."

Villaraigosa plans to telecommute to his mayoral job from his newly purchased, eco-friendly condo in San Francisco's Pacific Heights district, where he can easily walk to Elite Cafe every morning and perform his daily tasks on a laptop via Skype.

"I've talked it over with my boss and he's hella cool with it," said Villaragosa.

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