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Introvert Meetup Group Enjoys Record Turnout

April 24, 2012

Introvert Meetup Los Angeles

Gerald Klugman (left) and Nathan Lipkin (right) enjoy each other's company.

DOWNTOWN—Gerald Klugman, President of the Los Angeles Introvert Meetup Group, was pleasantly surprised last week when a record two people—which included Klugman himself—showed up to the event he organized.

Klugman's meetup is meant to provide a welcoming place for hermits, shy people, solitarians, and the socially anxious to gather. For the past two months, Klugman has reserved a large, secluded space for the group every other Thursday night, in an attempt to push himself to have some form of human contact.

"I'm very pleased with tonight's turnout," mumbled Klugman while staring at the ground.

Less than 20 minutes into the meetup, Klugman managed to work up enough courage to introduce himself to the other attendee, Nathan Lipkin. Klugman broke the ice by reading a joke he prepared in advance, which was written on his hand. However, the joke was unfortunately wasted on Lipkin, who was wearing headphones.

The two then attempted to shake hands, but missed by several inches.

For the next hour, both Klugman and Lipkin sat across from each other at a large table, where they instant messaged one another using their laptop computers.

"It feels good to get out of the house and socialize for a change," Klugman typed to Lipkin. "I concur," responded Lipkin, who inserted a smiley face emoticon at the end of his sentence.

The meetup continued with a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation prepared by Klugman, detailing how to install extra-thick curtains on a bedroom window to prevent any light from shining through. Klugman made a decision to not read the slides aloud, in an effort to minimize the chance of a panic attack.

After the presentation, Klugman brought up the Domino’s Pizza website and typed in an order for the event. However, he embarrassingly ordered for only one person out of habit. The two managed to make the best of the situation by sharing the 6" personal pizza Klugman had ordered.

After they both finished their meal, Lipkin offered to chip in for his half of the pizza.

"You don't owe me anything," said Klugman. "I had a coupon good for a free pizza on my birthday."

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