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Los Angeles Faces Shortage Of Aspiring Actors

June 28, 2012


Aspiring actors are welcome to walk into NBC Studios at 3000 W. Alameda Ave.

HOLLYWOOD—For the first time in Hollywood's 92-year history, there's not enough aspiring actors in L.A. to fill the needs of the entertainment industry. Studio executives are scratching their heads, perplexed at this generation's lack of interest in the performing arts.

"We're desperate to find actors to fill our new fall sitcom lineup," said NBC President Jeff Zucker, while hanging an "actors wanted" banner outside his studio.

"There's still lots of people migrating to Hollywood," said Zucker. "They're just not interested in acting."

A prime example is David Glisan, 19, who recently moved to Los Angeles from Texas to pursue his dream of becoming an Oracle Database Administrator.

"The L.A. database scene is pretty happening," said Glisan, who regularly attends a Los Angeles Database Meetup Group, which currently has 442 more members than the Los Angeles Aspiring Actor Meetup.

Glisan hopes to follow in Bidyadhara Gupta's footsteps

"Acting has never appealed to me," Glisan told reporters. "My passion has always been in database administration, ever since I noticed the many attractive women in my first Oracle class."

"I want to be in a profession where I'll be remembered for my accomplishments when I'm dead," added Glisan. "I hope to eventually be a household name like the great database administrator, Bidyadhara Gupta."

Until Glisan lands his dream job with IBM's IT Department, he plans to "stick it out" at his current job as the head writer of NBC's Whitney.

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