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Homeless Man Does Not Regret Quitting Job At Target

June 25, 2012


SANTA MONICA—It's been almost one year since 23-year-old Robert Price voluntarily quit his minimum wage job at the Van Nuys Target. While working at Target as a sales associate, Price grossed about $900 per month after taxes, which barely covered his rent, utilities, car payment, and insurance.

"Having a dingy roof over my head wasn't worth the pain and suffering that comes with working retail," said Price.

Like Price, many young people in L.A. are choosing a life of homelessness in upscale urban areas like Downtown Santa Monica over slaving away at low-paying jobs.

"It's sad to think that my former coworkers will end up wasting one third of their lives at Target when they could be seizing the day like me," said Price.

Instead of attending to rude customers, Price spends most of his day reading works of Shakespeare at the Santa Monica Library. He also attends a bi-weekly homeless book club meetup, which is where he met his girlfriend, Julie.


Price now spends his days at the Santa Monica Library.

"I've made lots of friends at the library who are in the same boat as me," said Price.

During reading breaks, Price enjoys free organic fruit samples at the Santa Monica Farmers Market and Whole Foods.

"I feel much more energized on my new diet," said Price. "I used to feel groggy after eating pizza and ICEEs at the Target Cafe."

At night, Price sleeps comfortably on the beach sands in a Tempurpedic sleeping bag.

"When I lived in Van Nuys, I had to play a 'Sounds of the Ocean' CD to drown out the police sirens," said Price. "Now, I actually get to listen to the sound of the ocean at night."

Price told reporters that he hopes to serve as a positive role model to America's frustrated 99%.

"I want America's minimum-wage earning youth to know that there's a better lifestyle waiting for you in areas like Santa Monica," said Price, who aims to erase society's stigma toward homelessness.

During his spare time, Price continues to work on his self-help book titled, "Life's A Beach: A Homeless Guide To Happiness."

He's already received several offers from publishers such as Random House and has plans for a fall book tour.

"The American Dream still exists," said Price, while sitting on the beach, gazing at the sunset. "You just have to know where to look for it."

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Basic June 30, 2012 at 9:07 pm

This guy has some major balls to quit Target and than go homeless. It looks like it’s paying off with his book deal. This guy is going to make some major money. I need to find something like this myself. Good for him.

Matt October 28, 2012 at 9:56 am

What you don’t see with this article is the library building, the books inside, were all built and created by people who worked. The wages of the librarians are paid for by the taxes of those who work. The farmer’s market, all of those fruits and vegetables were grown by working people, harvested by working people, and stored in a building paid for by labor. Everything he leeches off of was paid for by someone else’s labor. I don’t see Mr. Price as being some kind of unconventional hero I see him as lazy and parasitic. This article was very romanticized, but the reality here is that real things are created by real working people.

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