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Coworking Space Offers Young Entrepreneurs Networking Opportunities, Break From Parents

April 9, 2012

Los Angeles Coworking Space

SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica is quickly becoming known as "Silicon Beach" because of a recent influx of tech startup companies springing up in its urban, downtown district.

Rather than settling for a typical 9-5 job, many young entrepreneurs have decided to pursue their dreams by renting a shared office space inside coworking communities like Blankspaces, Coloft, and Working Village.

"My mom said she'd take away my Xbox if I didn't do something with my life, so I started my own business," said 27-year-old Bradley Sherman.

Sherman Works On Pancake Algorithm

Sherman works on pancake algorithm.

Sherman, unemployed a week ago, is now the CEO of his own tech startup company: Pantastic, which is developing a mobile app that helps users find top-rated pancake restaurants within a 20-mile radius.

"My friend John is working on the logo. He should be here by now … his dad is probably caught in traffic," said Sherman.

Sherman already has plans to grow his company by adding additional employees to his workforce. His recent Craigslist ad titled, “Startup beach company looking for intern,” has generated over 300 responses.

"I don't think Pantastic would stand a chance if we were located in a place like Burbank," said Sherman, as his cell phone rang.

“Not now, I told you yesterday I’m working now,” whispered a frustrated Sherman into his earpiece. “This is a real job, leave me alone ... ok, I love you too,” he said just before hanging up.

As a member of Working Village, Sherman enjoys benefits such as being able to sit at a large table, indoors, with other like-minded individuals for $399/month.

“Paying for the communal office space takes a big chunk out of my allowance, but I’m willing to splurge on necessities like this,” said Sherman.

Working Village also provides access to a bathroom, and outlets to plug in electronic devices.

"I've got everything I need here. It's such a great, nag-free environment," said Sherman as he grabbed food out of a brown paper bag with his name written on it.

Working Village owner Jason Seymour, who chooses to work on-site, constantly reminds new members what they can achieve if they are determined and stay focused.

"I'm not just the owner, I'm also a member," said Seymour, 29. "Little do people know that I founded Working Village because my dad threatened to cancel my Netflix subscription if I didn't get off the couch.”

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